About Babymaxi / Yippee

Many new parents say that a baby carrier is one of the most essential baby purchases. Not only does it give the parents some valuable ‘hands-free’ time, enabling them to go about their daily business, but being carried this way is of great comfort to babies and many of them will happily drift off into sleep, reassured by the closeness to the father or mother and soothed by their movements. What's more, research suggests that ‘baby wearing’ is a perfect way to strengthen the bond between parent and child. There is also evidence that it can reduce colic and improve a baby’s quality of sleep.

Based on these facts and its own passion for babywearing, Babymaxi was launched as a family owned and run online store in 2011. As a result of its growing product range of the latest baby carrier models, it has become a favorite with parents in the Benelux and other countries.

Realizing that a baby carrier is one of the most essential baby purchases, Babymaxi strives to only offer products that it can be proud of. Babymaxi presents a range of quality, innovative and stylish baby carriers from around the world mostly made of organic, natural, sustainable and ethical material.

If you have any questions, comments or are you searching for a product that we don't offer (yet)? Just send an email to info@yippee.nl.